I should have the right to chose my own ending.

Let me start this with a little disclaimer which states that I know this is a touchy subject and I know everyone has strong opinions one way or another.  That being said, this is just about MY opinion and what I feel is right for me.  So don’t be getting all pissed off at me and start sending me hate mail.  That’s not saying I’m not ok with hearing other opinions on the subject so please free to share if you feel the need.

The topic of cancer had come up in work the other day and I mentioned that if I ever got cancer (specifically lung cancer) then I would shoot myself.  If I ever got to the point of suffering to breath then I would want to put an end to it.  Then I thought better of it and decided that I would go the Dr. Kevorkian route and be peacefully put to sleep, like a dog.   I think people should be able decide for themselves when it’s time to pass on without further suffering and with dignity.  I think Dr. Kevorkian provided people with the compassion and respect to no longer want to suffer, and I don’t see what’s wrong with that.

I’m not saying I condone suicide.  If people are depressed or have mental illness then I think we need to help them.  I’m saying that if I was in the end of my life and losing the battle with cancer, I don’t want to suffer and I feel I have the right to make decisions about my own life.  I would fight like hell to the end and this would be the LAST resort.  But if I’m in pain and suffering with no cure, then I want to be put out of my misery.  I have personally watched several loved ones die of cancer and it’s horrible.

I know it isn’t a pleasant conversation and not the popular opinion, but it’s my opinion.


2 thoughts on “I should have the right to chose my own ending.

  1. It’s a strange topic in that most people it would seem feel superior to animals and yet animals are relieved of their suffering and humans are left to wallow in it – one size fits all as usual. I understand that some people, as ever, could take advantage of an ailing wealthy or unpopular relative but like I said one size could not possibly do for all. I do still see these rules relenting at some point. You cannot stop someone who wants to die. Most would just make sure they go while they can still take charge of the process.

    • Yes I agree completely on all accounts. And I do agree that it could be taken advantage by some. It’s not a perfect thought process by any means but for me, I will certainly go while I can still take control. I hope I never have to make this decision…..but if I do…..well you know.

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