My first of many changes to a new life.

I did it, I finally decided to put my motorcycle up for sale.  I absolutely LOVE my bike and I will probably cry when it’s sold, yes I’m serious, I will cry like a baby.  But it seems that my dream to live a simpler life outweighs my desire to ride my Harley.  This doesn’t mean I won’t get another bike some day, it just means that right now I would rather sell it and use the money to clean up a bunch of little bills that I have here and there hanging over my head, and put the rest toward my tiny home fund.

This is a HUGE step for me as I’ve contemplated selling it for the last couple of years and just couldn’t pull the trigger, but I guess I’m there now.

Now I hope I can sell it quick before it starts getting really warm and I change my mind.  LOL



My head is flooded with tiny home floor plans.

Now that I’m obsessed with building my very own tiny house, all I do is think about floor plans. Like seriously, 24/7 I’m thinking floor plans. I walk around my apartment measuring everything and trying to picture the flow of space and space management.

But this is a good thing right? It means I’m getting the wheels in motion to get a plan started and make this new lifestyle happen.

Yesterday I even spent my lunch hour sketching out some floor plans to try and figure out what will work best for my needs. This seems to be the hardest part because I can’t figure it out but I’m sure it will hit me and make sense at some point.

Here’s what I have so far. Please forgive my sloppy writing because I was literally scribbling as it was popping in my head, so my notes are unreadable. But I’ll try to explain the best I can. Not that anyone cares but I want to document every step of this process, even if it’s only for me to look back on someday.

  • This first plan has one floor with a shed style roof, so it will be more of an open feel with higher ceilings. But I would put a loft over what I have noted as the bedroom nook on the right. This way I could put my sleeping area up in the loft and use the “bedroom nook” as an office/storage area. Or as I get older and don’t want to climb up to the loft every night to go to sleep, I can move my bed down the first level and use the loft for storage. I’m guessing I would just put my bed on the first floor to begin with and use the loft for storage or a hangout.


  • This plan has a gable roof with a bedroom loft above the bathroom/kitchen area on the left where dormers will be added for a little extra head room. There will also be a smaller, not as deep, loft above the front porch/window seat area in the front for storage or guest bed. I like this plan because it gives a little more space for the bathroom along with some storage area between the bathroom and kitchen area. Although I’m not sure this is the best use of space. And the gable roof scares me as it seems more confusing to build. That’s a big reason that I’m leaning toward the shed style roof plan.


  • And this last plan also has a gable roof and the lofts will be set up just like the previous plan. But instead of the bathroom running along the left end, the kitchen will run along one wall and the bathroom along the other wall across from each other. The more that I look at this one I don’t think it’s an option as it just runs into an empty wall to the left (that is supposed to say window not french door), not a good use of space.


I keep searching the internet and trying to find as many tiny houser’s (is that even a word?) that I can because I want to see every option available. I know eventually one will just click and I’ll know. But I do know that I’m a big fan of the shed style roof for the ease of building and for having more head room. And I’m pretty sure I want to use a 24′ flatbed, it just seems that it would work better in spacing out my ideas without being too cramped.

So that’s it for now, I’m sure I’ll be back soon with some more annoying ramblings. LOL

Thanks for listening. And feel free to share any input you have as this is all a HUGE learning process for me.


Murphy’s Law

So it’s lunch time and I hop in my car to head to Dunkies for my coffee.  On the drive I made a call to pay a bill.  I got to Dunkies before I was done with my call and since I hate going through the drive-thru while on the phone, I swing into a parking spot.  I turned my car off but kept it on auxiliary so my call would stay on my cars blue tooth.  When I finished my call, I decided to be the lazy fuck that I am by going to the drive-thru instead of getting out of my car.

My car won’t start.  Wtf!  The battery is dead.  I’ve been sitting here all of ten minutes so how is my battery dead?

*click click click*


I get out of my car to get my jumper cables out of the trunk.  Nope, they’re not there.  Oh shit!  My sister needed a jump a couple nights ago so I went to her house to jump her car and left the cables with her in case her car wouldn’t start in the morning.

So of course I always have jumper cables in my trunk and NEVER need them but now that I don’t have them, I need them.

Murphy’s Law SUCKS!

So I give her a call and she runs across town to give me a jump.  We hooked up the cables and my car started immediately.   Oh, and I kept my cables.  LOL