Murphy’s Law

So it’s lunch time and I hop in my car to head to Dunkies for my coffee.  On the drive I made a call to pay a bill.  I got to Dunkies before I was done with my call and since I hate going through the drive-thru while on the phone, I swing into a parking spot.  I turned my car off but kept it on auxiliary so my call would stay on my cars blue tooth.  When I finished my call, I decided to be the lazy fuck that I am by going to the drive-thru instead of getting out of my car.

My car won’t start.  Wtf!  The battery is dead.  I’ve been sitting here all of ten minutes so how is my battery dead?

*click click click*


I get out of my car to get my jumper cables out of the trunk.  Nope, they’re not there.  Oh shit!  My sister needed a jump a couple nights ago so I went to her house to jump her car and left the cables with her in case her car wouldn’t start in the morning.

So of course I always have jumper cables in my trunk and NEVER need them but now that I don’t have them, I need them.

Murphy’s Law SUCKS!

So I give her a call and she runs across town to give me a jump.  We hooked up the cables and my car started immediately.   Oh, and I kept my cables.  LOL



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