Single mother needs a car!

My little sister is my best friend, and when she comes upon hard times I try and help anyway I can.  She’s a single mother and things haven’t been easy for her but she always manages to make it through.  I’m not going to get into all of her personal struggles but all I can say is that she’s a pretty strong woman because I would have curled up in the fetus position and just cried for days at this point.  But her kids keep her going and she makes it work out, one way or another.

Well, just last week her car was repossessed.  Yup, it was horrible.  She woke up at 2am to the sound of her car alarm and when she ran to the front door, the tow truck was pulling down the street.  I can’t even imagine.  When she told me the next morning, I had knots in my stomach and anxiety all day for her.  Yeah, I’m a severely empathetic person and sometimes it’s really REALLY bad.  I will actually feel sick to my stomach over someone else s crappy situation.

Anyway, I have been letting her use my car as much as I can but this is definitely not a long term solution.  We live in different towns, have different work schedules and she has her kids that she needs to get around etc. etc. etc.  Fortunately there have been a couple of nice days that I have been able to take my motorcycle to work but that isn’t an everyday solution.  Because of our work schedules, she drops me off at work instead of me dropping her off and keeping my car.  She picks me up after work and brings me home and I just have her keep my car to pick me up again in the morning.  Otherwise there would be extra back and forth trips to drop her off at night then go back early in the morning to get her.  She lives in the other direction and I’m on the way to both of our jobs so it makes sense for her to pick me up on the way.

So basically, she’s had my car for a week and I don’t have one.  Hey, how did I lose my car over this?  LOL  Oh well, we do what we can do for family right?

Then I had an idea.  I’ve heard of these GoFundMe campaigns going around and thought, why not?  I have seen people raising money for all sorts of situations so why not see if I can do this for my sister so she can buy a car?  So that’s what I did, I created a campaign to raise money.  She doesn’t need anything fancy, just something dependable and safe.

So if you have a moment, please go check it out at “Single mother needs a car”  to read more of her story and help if you can.  Even if you could share the link on Facebook or re-blog my post, you never know who is willing and able to help.

Thank you for your help and consideration and have a blessed day.

998626_10201880786719934_1354787751_nMy beautiful sister and niece



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