I really can do anything!

Just about a year ago I was backing my car out of my boyfriends yard and wasn’t paying attention to how close I was to the gate at the end of his yard.  All of a sudden WHAM, I heard this gawd awful noise and looked over to see my side-view mirror ripped half off my car.  I was sooooo mad at myself, and I hadn’t even had my car for a year yet.

So I’ve been driving around for about a year with my car looking all white-trash-ghetto with the mirror falling apart and all taped up with electrical tape because I just assumed that I was going to end up spending a small fortune at the auto body shop and didn’t have the time or money to deal with it.

Then the other day my boyfriend called me to ask what year my car was because he was grabbing me a mirror at an auto parts shop.  Huh?  You can do that?  Well sure enough, doesn’t he show up with a brand spanking new side view mirror for my car and it only cost $30.  Seriously?

We YouTubed it and saw that it was going to be super easy to replace ourselves.  So that’s what we did.

Yup, $30 and ten minutes later my car looked good as new.

I wish we realized it was so simple a year ago…….geez, don’t I feel silly.



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