My first Tiny House tour!!!

This past Saturday I had the most awesome opportunity to actually go inside a Tiny House for the first time!!!!!  It was so exciting and now I’m even more motivated to get to the point where I can start building my own.

I had come across the Tiny House Giant Journey website a couple of months ago and I knew that they were going on a year tour around the U.S. and would be coming to New England, but I didn’t know when or if they would be coming through Boston.  Well Friday evening, a girl on a Facebook group mentioned to me that Jenna and Guillaume were going to be in Milton, MA on Saturday.

What?!?!?!?!  Milton?!?!?!?!  That’s fifteen minutes from my house!!!!!!  What’s the chance of that happening?

I had plans Saturday morning to go to my nieces soccer game at noon and the house tour was from 10am to noon, about a half hour away.  So I called my sister and asked if she was ok with me picking her up early because if we could get to Milton for 10am then we should have time to check out the house and still make it to the soccer game.  Of course she was game, she’s game for anything, and that’s why she’s so awesome!

So we got there just before 10am and was able to go right in and check it all out.  I have to say, I was surprised as to how roomy it felt for being a tiny house.  It was great to get an actual perspective of the feel inside a tiny house, other than the gazillion pictures and videos that I have been checking out online for almost two years now.  Now my sister on the other hand, wasn’t as excited and was feeling a bit claustrophobic.  She said there was NO WAY she could live in a tiny house but agreed that it was totally for me.

Jenna and Guillaume were super nice and very informative and helpful with all the questions that were thrown at them, and I learned a lot.

Here are a couple pictures I took, it really is a beautiful home.

10624637_10152731797839318_6491863055429313667_n 10176266_10152731797914318_7061470724301264159_n 1010387_10152731798449318_3271002960406724855_n 10431570_10152731798654318_7729678488845300738_n 1453244_10152731799019318_1926050649181083976_n 10377997_10152731799214318_8919245968526112108_n1146538_10152731799739318_3924968239329137741_n 10622783_10152731800119318_7874215905212026762_n 10710998_10152731800034318_7920105073982581819_n 1796638_10152731798244318_6802921414856780718_n 10712890_10152731800464318_8893704949853214075_n


My bucket list.


Since my recent post, Checking off a bucket list item, I decided I needed to create another bucket list since I have lost my original.  I remember many items on it but I also have a lot of new items to add.

I added a menu tab above with pages for different categories, so here’s what I have so far:

While writing this out I realized, boy I need to get my ass in gear!  I mean really, what’s the point of having a bucket list if you aren’t making a true effort to cross items off?  It’s not good enough just to be able to say “hey, I’m wicked cool because I have a bucket list”.  You have to actually try to accomplish the items on it.  Am I wrong?

If you have a bucket list, please share……I love seeing others ideas and accomplishments they wish to complete.


Let go…..when love isn’t enough.

So here’s a piece of advice: let go when you’re hurting too much.  Give up when love isn’t enough.  And move on when things aren’t like before.  And it’s certain there’s someone out there who will love you even more.

When we deal with the relationships we are willing participants of in our lives, we sometimes continue to hold on to relationships that hurt us way too much, way too often. There is a time for everything, and when love isn’t enough to hold a relationship together anymore chances are it might be time to move on.

Source: Search Quotes


Checking off a bucket list item!



Many years ago I decided it would be a good idea to create a bucket list.  You know, a list of things to accomplish, places to visit, people to meet, before I leave this world.

At the time, I was in a very unhappy place in my life and I thought if I created a list of dreams it would push me to make changes and accomplish things that I normally wouldn’t.  Apparently it didn’t work because I can’t remember half the things I put on the list and I can’t even find the list.

Even though I don’t remember everything on my bucket list, I do remember a lot of it……especially one I am about to check off.  And for me it’s a big one.  It’s not fancy, it’s not extravagant, it doesn’t entail traveling to far off lands……but it’s big to me just the same.

On November 1, 2014 I will be seeing, live and in person, His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama!!!!!!

He is coming to Boston and will be giving a public talk on Educating the Heart and Mind.  I am so excited I can hardly stand it.

Anyone that knows me knows that I am not a very religious person.  I have many friends and family who are and that is cool with me but personally I am not.  I have many reasons and experiences which have me question some existence that people put their faith in.  But that is another post for another time……maybe.

I am more of a spiritual person.  Although I don’t consider myself a Buddhist, I have always been interested in the way of life and try to incorporate it in my life as much as possible.

So having the opportunity to see the Dalai Lama in person has been on my bucket list and I couldn’t be more excited to check that item off.  I got the cheapie seats in the nosebleed section because I really don’t care how close I am to him (although that would be nice),  I just want to be in the building in his presence.



Single mother needs a car!

My little sister is my best friend, and when she comes upon hard times I try and help anyway I can.  She’s a single mother and things haven’t been easy for her but she always manages to make it through.  I’m not going to get into all of her personal struggles but all I can say is that she’s a pretty strong woman because I would have curled up in the fetus position and just cried for days at this point.  But her kids keep her going and she makes it work out, one way or another.

Well, just last week her car was repossessed.  Yup, it was horrible.  She woke up at 2am to the sound of her car alarm and when she ran to the front door, the tow truck was pulling down the street.  I can’t even imagine.  When she told me the next morning, I had knots in my stomach and anxiety all day for her.  Yeah, I’m a severely empathetic person and sometimes it’s really REALLY bad.  I will actually feel sick to my stomach over someone else s crappy situation.

Anyway, I have been letting her use my car as much as I can but this is definitely not a long term solution.  We live in different towns, have different work schedules and she has her kids that she needs to get around etc. etc. etc.  Fortunately there have been a couple of nice days that I have been able to take my motorcycle to work but that isn’t an everyday solution.  Because of our work schedules, she drops me off at work instead of me dropping her off and keeping my car.  She picks me up after work and brings me home and I just have her keep my car to pick me up again in the morning.  Otherwise there would be extra back and forth trips to drop her off at night then go back early in the morning to get her.  She lives in the other direction and I’m on the way to both of our jobs so it makes sense for her to pick me up on the way.

So basically, she’s had my car for a week and I don’t have one.  Hey, how did I lose my car over this?  LOL  Oh well, we do what we can do for family right?

Then I had an idea.  I’ve heard of these GoFundMe campaigns going around and thought, why not?  I have seen people raising money for all sorts of situations so why not see if I can do this for my sister so she can buy a car?  So that’s what I did, I created a campaign to raise money.  She doesn’t need anything fancy, just something dependable and safe.

So if you have a moment, please go check it out at “Single mother needs a car”  to read more of her story and help if you can.  Even if you could share the link on Facebook or re-blog my post, you never know who is willing and able to help.

Thank you for your help and consideration and have a blessed day.

998626_10201880786719934_1354787751_nMy beautiful sister and niece


I cut the cord!


Yeah baby!  That’s right, I finally did it.  I got sick of paying through the nose for cable and internet so I cut the cord.  I turned in my digital cable box and internet modem and have been cable-less for about five weeks now.  I’m not a tv junkie but there are a handful of shows that I like to watch, but for the most part I haven’t missed it too much.  I am a big movie buff and my boyfriend is an even bigger movie buff so we’ve been watching a lot of dvd’s lately at my house.

Cutting the cord from the monopoly of cable companies seems to be a bigger trend lately than I thought.  And from what I see, most people figure out what they are going to do as an alternative BEFORE cutting the cord.  But not me, I just got fed up of paying almost $200 a month for the minimal time I watch tv so I just ripped it all out and turned it all in.  My plan was to figure something out fairly quick but I just kept getting side tracked on it and here I was over a month later staring at a blank 42″ flat screen tv in my living room.

Then yesterday on Facebook one of my friends posted that he was considering getting rid of cable and he had been researching other options.  He’s a tech geek so I knew his research would be reliable.

Quickly into the conversation I knew I had my answer.  He recommended getting a Chromecast.  I was like “Huh?  What is this Chromecast that you speak of?  And why haven’t I heard of it before?”  I think of myself as fairly tech savvy and I’m usually on top of the newest gadgets but lately I have been crazy busy with life and it seems I’m out of the loop.

marquee-productSo off to Google I went and found that it’s a device (that looks like a flash drive) from Google that simply plugs into the HDMI port on the back of the tv and streams audio/video via wi-fi using your smartphone, tablet or laptop.  Seriously?  How cool is this?!  And it’s a one time purchase of only $35.

Then you just download the supported apps and stream away……or as they call it, casting.

It supports YouTube and Pandora which are both free, so I was playing videos on my tv while I was downloading other apps.

I downloaded and signed up for both Hulu Plus and Netflix.  Hulu Plus offers the first week for free before being charged $8/month and Netflix offers a month free before being charged $8/month.  So I have plenty of time to get a feel for both and decide if I need both or just one of them.  Even if I kept both, $16/month is far better than almost $200/month on cable and internet.

Oh so I bet you’re wondering how I’m streaming via wi-fi since I turned in my equipment right?  Well, I have awesome neighbors that live upstairs who had no problem with giving me there login to use their wi-fi.  I figured that I would need to find internet service that wasn’t through the cable company to make this all work but I didn’t have to.  I will get my own internet but for now this works and I have time to figure that out.

So let’s break this down.  I don’t have my bill from the cable company with me but I know it was about $180/month rounded up.  That’s a whopping $2,160 a year….for television and internet.  What a rip off.

I bought the device for $35, and that’s a one time cost.  If I end up keeping both Hulu Plus and Netflix that’s $16/month which is $192 a year.  I’m not sure I’m going to keep Hulu Plus but for the cost purposes here we’ll assume that I will.  There are other apps for the Chromecast that have a monthly membership fee but I honestly don’t feel the need for any of them at this time.  The only other piece of equipment that I’m going to get is an antenna so I can watch the free local channels and from what I’ve looked at already, I’ll spend about $50 for that.

happy-girl-jumpingSo for the first year I’ll end up paying a total of $277 for my tv viewing pleasure, rather than the ridiculous $2,160 for cable.  That’s a $1,883 a year savings.  And the second year I won’t need to purchase the equipment again so if you subtract that cost of $85, then my second year cost is only $192 for the year.  HUGE price difference don’t ya think?  I’ll now pay just over the cost for ONE MONTH of cable for the entire year.  Such a no brainer.

I seriously couldn’t be any more excited about my decision, I feel liberated even.

I would love to hear from others who have cut the cord and what alternative you use now.  Are you happy you made the change?  Share your pro’s and con’s of your decision.


Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw Vegan, oh my!

Hello, my name is Cheli and I’m a vegan.  Yes, I’m one of “those” people.  LOL

It’s funny how I get different reactions from people who find out I’m a vegan.  Some act as though I’m bizarre and wonder how on earth I could survive without eating meat.  And others are very interested about it and don’t treat me as though I have the plague.  I’m not sure why some people find vegetarianism so odd but to each their own.

I am NOT one of those animal activist type who preach that everyone should stop eating meat and I would never try to convert someone to the dark side.  However, if someone decides to talk down to me about my choice to not eat meat then I will certainly point out their bad choice of eating meat.  I am more than capable of having a calm and adult discussion about why I don’t eat meat if somebody is interested, but the tone of the conversation completely depends on the other person.  I don’t judge what you eat so please don’t judge what I eat.  But I digress.

So I wanted to post about the differences between being a vegetarian, a vegan and a raw vegan.  Some people get confused by this and are very interested in understanding the difference so I hope this helps.  I may later do another post and go into some of my experiences and the pros and cons of them but for now I’m going to keep to the topic at hand.

A vegetarian is a person who does not eat meat, fish, fowl, or, in some cases, any food derived from animals, as eggs or cheese, but subsists on vegetables, fruits, nuts, grain, etc.  And to make things more confusing, there are two types of vegetarians:  A lacto-ovo-vegetarian is a vegetarian who includes dairy and eggs in their diet and a lacto-vegetarian includes dairy but NOT eggs.

A vegan is a vegetarian who omits all animal products from their diet.  So of course this means no meat, fish, fowl, dairy or eggs.  How I like to say it is, if it has eyes or came from something with eyes, I don’t eat it.  LOL

And last, but certainly not least (as this is my favorite), a raw vegan is a vegan who does not cook their food.  The theory behind being a raw vegan is that if you cook your fruits/veggies above 118 °F then the vitamins and nutrients are destroyed.  The raw vegan diet consist basically of raw fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds and grain.  But don’t let that fool you into thinking that they eat a boring and bland diet, quite the contrary.  The diet can be as simple as mono meals (meaning one particular fruit or vegetable in a sitting) to gourmet raw meals that would tickle even the fussiest of taste buds.  It also consist of a lot of juicing and smoothies.

I will be sharing much more on being a raw vegan in the future as this is what I am.  If you have any questions on any of this or would simply like a vegan buddy, feel free to hit me up.