Wtf is Coulrophobia you ask?  Well, it is the fear of clowns and apparently many people have this phobia and it’s pretty intense.  I don’t have coulrophobia myself but I do have a huge fear of haunted houses, and I mean a seriously huge fear of them.  As in, I can’t even consider going in one because I am so terrified and I know it would scare the crap out of me and I might have a heart attack.


Oopsie the Clown

There is a haunted house in my area and it’s called Barrett’s Haunted Mansion.  It is a very popular attraction and it’s jam packed every season.  Every year it gets better and scarier and it has received a lot of media attention as one of the top haunted houses in New England.  Each year they change the theme and this year it was clowns, hence, coulrophobia.

My boyfriend works there as security and his sister and her husband work there as actors/characters.  They are Oopsie the Clown and Carl the Carver.  They look pretty badass right?

On a couple of occasions during the season Oopsie asked me if I was available to volunteer to be a character but it was unfortunately usually last minute and I wasn’t available.  Oddly enough, for having such a fear of haunted houses, I was dying to be a character in it.  I know, kind of weird.  Although Halloween IS my favorite holiday.  Again, weird for having such a horror phobia.  Yeah I never said I made much sense.

Carl The Carver

Carl the Carver

Anyway, I’m on vacation this week and she contacted me saying they needed more characters.  Well isn’t this awesome, I’m on vacation so I’m available!!!  Me and my boyfriend (who wasn’t working security this night) decided to head on in and have ourselves a scary good time.

We picked out costumes and had our makeup done.  As you can see in our picture below, I was obviously a cute clown while he was a scary gore clown.  It was a lot of fun and cool to see the behind the scenes with all the different characters and the makeup artist etc.

Once we got all dressed and made up, we were brought over to the attraction called The Cell.  This is next to the haunted house and it is FULL of clowns of all kinds.  Scary, cute, creepy etc.  It basically looks like concrete walls on the outside and inside is a maze made out of walls of bars, like a jail cell.    There is fog and creepy music and laser lights and an open top.  We were each assigned an area for the night and waited for the fun to begin.  It was cool because we were just two rows over from each other so we were able to have fun together and scare people together sometimes if they came down a wrong path of the maze that was between us.  I thought it was a great date night, tons of fun.  Yeah, I’m a cheap date.

We had a blast!  It was fun scaring people but I really was surprised at how some people have a genuine fear of clowns.  Some couldn’t even look at me without screeching, even if I wasn’t trying to scare them.  Like seriously, even if I just stood there, batting my eyes with a smile, they would scream and run away from me.  Am I twisted because I was actually enjoying this torture?  Maybe.  But hey, they paid to participate in the attraction knowing that it’s full of clowns so the way I see it, they got what they paid for.  And I was more than willing to oblige.

The irony is that I completely enjoyed doing to people exactly what I hate having done to me…….scare the crap out of them!!!!!  But then again, I’m smart enough to know my fears and stay away from them.


Me and my boyfriend


Aren’t I cute? Not scary right?










If you’re from the area be sure to check out Barrett’s Haunted Mansion next year, it will be their 24th season. Also, check out their facebook page and website for more information.